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The Skoda Yeti is a Crossover Class Car

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Skoda Yeti Crossover car is an excellent vehicle with excellent visibility and a elevated driving position. It handles like a Golf-sized family hatchback, with little body roll and loads of grip. It rides well and has an electric power steering that is both direct and artificially-feeling. Its high-tech interior, and optional Adaptive Cruise Control make it a true head-turner.

1.2 TSI

Skoda's Yeti's 1.2 TSI engine provides decent performance both on motorways and in towns. The Yeti's engine, despite not offering instant acceleration is very pleasant to drive and compliments its well-designed package. Its ground clearance is a major feature, and the car offers a comfortable but firm ride.

The Skoda Yeti mid-sized crossover has excellent off-road capability. It is available in the S base trim at PS16,000. For the 1.2-TSI, it costs around PS20,000. The entry level petrol version is about the same price as the Nissan Juke and comes in at around PS16,000. The petrol engine's 1.2-litre capacity is paired with the six-speed automatic transmission, which has paddle shifters. Comparable to the Juke or Qashqai the Skoda Yeti offers a lower price than their rivals, especially the 1.3 litre petrol model.

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1.6 TDI

Skoda Yeti, a small SUV with a Diesel engine, is available. The first Skoda Yeti was released in 2011. It has been on the market since 2011 and is still in production. The Yeti was available in three petrol and three diesel models. Both versions are compliant with EURO 5 emission standards. This version is great for those looking for a powerful vehicle but not for those concerned about fuel consumption.

From January 2014 to June 2015, the Skoda Yeti 1.6 TSI Greentechambition was manufactured. The car has a kerb weight of 1410 kg and can reach a maximum speed of 176 km/h. It is equipped with a 55-litre fuel tank and a five-speed manual transmission. The car has a maximum payload capacity of 545 kg.

2.0 TDI

The 2.0 TDI is Skoda Yeti's entry-level diesel model. It comes with standard front-wheel drive instead of the Haldex four-wheel drive. This version is expected to make up the bulk of Yeti sales in the UK. It comes with a manual six- or five-speed gearbox and is quite unusual in appearance. The Superb also features a functional seating layout, and switchgear.

The original Yeti was not very attractive, but the new model is much more modern. The updated model has a new face that omits the inset foglights so prevalent in other VW Group cars. Skoda faces some eye-catching competitors, and styling can make or break a car. Which is better? Let's have a closer look.

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2.0-litre diesel

The Skoda Buti 4x4 Crossover is available with a DSG automatic transmission and a choice of 110 or 140 PS output. It comes in SE L and SE M trims. This diesel engine, which is made by Volkswagen, is very economical to run. It delivers smooth, low-rev torque that is well-suited for urban use.

Skoda Yeti 2.0 litre Diesel has existed since 2013. Production was continued into 2014 & 2015. It has a 1968cc engine with a 6-speed manual gearbox. Its acceleration time is nine seconds, and it meets the Euro 5 standard. Standard ABS and EBD are also available. The price is around PS20,000. Skoda Yeti 2.0L Diesel is available for purchase at your local Skoda dealer.

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The Skoda Yeti is a Crossover Class Car