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The Honda Civic Type R 2017 Interior

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The Honda Civic Type R is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to buy a sedan. This sedan includes a wide range of standard features such as adaptive dampers and high-density padding. We've compiled the key features that make this car stand out. Continue reading to find out more about the interior of Honda Civic Type R. We'll go over the key features that make this car so comfortable to drive.

Frames with high rigidity

Honda has adopted advanced crash stroke technology to improve the safety of its passengers for 2017. The Civic Type R's frame helps reduce the transfer of crash energy to the cabin and improves overall vehicle dynamics. Honda developed the crash stroke technology in its Raymond, Ohio, design facility. It can also help reduce cabin intrusion during frontal crashes by directing 80mm from the rearward crash stroke.

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High density padding

Honda's flagship vehicle, the Civic, was launched in July with its new Type R generation. The Civic Type R is the most sporty Civic model yet. Its seating offers excellent support for high-performance driving. The Type R seat covers are made of red suede. They are very similar to those found in the VW GTI hatchback. They are covered in high-density padding with large bolsters that provide maximum support for the driver's posterior.

Adaptive dampers

The Honda Civic Type R 2017 Honda Civic Type R has a new four-wheel Adaptive Damper System. It is a critical part of the car’s handling package. The improved shock absorber units now have three-chamber designs which enable greater damping force variability. The car's chassis changes the current flow through electromagnetic coils to activate the damper control. This system delivers smoother downshifts and superior ride quality.

Smart Entry system

The new Honda Civic Type R features a Smart Entry system that allows drivers to enter their vehicle without using a key. Simply place your key fob near the car's handle, then simply walk up and the Smart Entry will unlock the doors to start the engine. When you want to shut off the engine, all you have to do is press the LOCK button on the door handle. Or, you may turn on Walk Away Auto Lock in the car’s Settings menu.

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Integrated navigation system

The 2017 Honda Civic's Touring, EXL Navi Hatchback and Sport Touring trims include the Integrated Navigation System. It is standard on both the Touring Coupe and Civic Type R trim levels in the United States. Honda also offers HD Digital Traffic service, but this is available only in the United States, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. Although the system works well, the interface is messy and there are many icons scattered across the screen. Apple CarPlay connectivity and Android Auto connectivity are both available on the Civic. However, they are not standard.

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The Honda Civic Type R 2017 Interior