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Using a Grill Cleaner Robot

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Grillbot is a robot that cleans your grill. The robot can clean your grill and it will do so on both gas and charcoal grills. Just point it in the desired direction and the robot will do all the work.


For a deep clean on a gas or charcoal BBQ, you can use the grill cleaner robot. This small device can scrub your grill in as little as 10 minutes. You can program your cleaner to do different tasks on your grill so you don’t have to worry.

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Float ‘N’ Grill

A robot that cleans grills is the best choice. It is made out of high-quality materials. It can clean large areas in the kitchen or outside. It can clean up 2150 square feet. After each use, it fills its tank. It comes with a float that protects your grill so it's easy to use outside.

Grill Wizard

This robot cleaner works by charging your battery. Although there are some issues with the product, it does a decent cleaning job of any leftover flaky material. However, it does not do a great job of cleaning the sides of the grill, where tougher dirt and gunk may be trapped. This device can prove useful if used correctly.

Griddle Wizard

The Griddle Wizard robot grill cleaner is designed to clean your grill's grates. Grill cleaning can be tedious. You have to take care not to inhale any wire or food that comes in contact with the bristles. For a moderate price, you can buy a grill brush holder. You should have enough length for your grill brush to protect your hands from the hot grates.

Griddle Wizard vs. Grillbot

Grillbot was the first robot that could automatically clean your grill. Its makers promise that it will remove grime and grease without the hassle of scrubbing. Consumer Reports tried the robot out to determine if it was effective. The results were mixed but the device does look promising.

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Griddle Wizard review

You can clean your grill quickly and easily with a Griddle Wizard robotic grill cleaner robot. The robotic device is capable of cleaning all surfaces on your grill. It is able to clean the grates very well but not as well when deep cleaning is required. The bristles do not reach under grates and cannot be used to duplicate human scrubbing. Because of its speed, the robot cannot get a deep clean. To clean your grill properly, you should first remove the grates and scrub them with soap and baking soda.

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Using a Grill Cleaner Robot